Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Wanna know me ?

Assalammualaikum ^ ^
First of all, I want to introduce myself
My name is Jung Hye Ji,, you all can call me Hye Ji
I am 16 years old (2015)
My Birthdate May 3,1999
I am a cute, chubby, shy .. and I very like chocolate because chocolate
can relieve my stress ..
I am a fanatic kpop. An extremely fanatical. But it is not up to
embrace the korea artist .. huhu
I want to go to Korea and met my lovely husband Daddyixing. ♥
Maybe I will get married with Daddyixing, hahaha just in my dream
My ambition I want to go Korea,, want to become a businesswoman
or royal navy ..
haha .. Royal navy ?? but I do not know how to swim, I'm afraid to
see the sea. .. and I am confident that this ambition will not be
I want to study abroad but I'm more comfortable in my own country.
Sorry if my grammar tunggang terbalik ~,~
안녕히 가세요 ^^
Name : Umairah Leman
Nick name : Umai,Mai,Umairah
Birth Date : 03 May 1999
Birth Place : Selangor,Malaysia
Age : 16 years old
From : Banting,Selangor
Religion : Muslim
Language : Malay Languange, English, a little bit hangul
Ambition : Goes to Makkah, South Korea, and travel the world
Fav Foods : Western food
Fav Drinks : juice
Fav Colors : soft pink,soft blue,dark blue,white,purple
Fan of : EXO and only EXO because im EXO-L

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