Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Recipe Cheesekut @ Cheese Biscuit

The ingredients you will need :-

Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk (200ml) RM 1.70 (use all)

 Condensed Milk RM 2.30 (for use 1/2 tin)

 Deluxe Crackers (any brand) RM 4.40 *my choice deluxe crackers hup seng*  (for use 1 pack of                biscuit)

 Cream Cheese Philadelphia (250g) RM 12.90 (use all 250 g of this cheese)

How to do :-

Put the Cream Cheese into the mixer and mix. After that, Condensed Milk (your own taste) I put half of the milk.
Next, pour fresh milk and dip the biscuit , make sure don't dip it too long otherwise it will crash(?) *idk what word suitable kekeke)
Arrange the biscuit in to container in one layer (any type, my choice is tupperware) , Then, put the Cream Cheese in to the biscuit and spread. Do the same things untill finish.

Freeze the Cheesekut about 1 hour and time for eat !!!

Thankyu (sorry my bad grammar)
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